Truffles are a genus in the Tuberaceae family of fungi, which is grown in the heart of nature and widely in root of mountain plants. The fungi is very nutritious and contains a high amount of plant protein. Truffles have special place in the food culture of the Persian Gulf people and European countries for many years. Large quantity of white truffles are mainly exported to Persian Gulf states such as Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Safiran, has many years of experience in air transport of white truffle to Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Safiran is capable of helping you, respected exporter, in the field of stylish, specialized packaging, handling all of documents for export goods, as well as required documents to clear the goods in destination, with best airfreight rates and fast air born transport. For many years, Safiran has continuously carried out air born of truffles from all airports including Tabriz, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas Airport. In view of the truffles sensitivity to price as well as weight loss of the goods due to rapid evaporation of water in this plant, after preparing the product, you can get it to the nearest airport anywhere in Iran, and the personnel of the company, residing at the above airports, would carry out the custom duties and provide the required documents as soon as possible, and take your goods to target market. So, unnecessary land movement of your goods to major airports such as Tehran, in this case, would not be required and as a result your goods would reach final destination in much shorter time and with less financial damage due to weight loss. Safiran, also has been involved with air transport of black truffle to European countries, mainly to Rome, Italy. Black truffle comes from northern parts of Iran, mainly by Caspian Sea. The appropriate season for black truffles starts from mid spring to first month of summer.