Guidelines of Commercial Freight

Exporters in Iran should take into account that they require a Trade Card to export their goods. This card is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and confirmed by the Ministry of Commerce. All exporters in form of individuals or trading companies who have this card can contact our experts to transport their goods.

The requisite export documents should be provided by the shipper or his/her agent to complete customs formalities. If you face any difficulties, contact a SACS office.

Air Freight Definition

All the goods exported to foreign countries with that country’s air customs permit are designated as air freight.

Export goods are divided into three categories:

1-  Permissible: Goods for which no export permit is needed

2-  Conditional: Goods for which an export permit is needed (such as books, films and other cultural items)

3-  Impermissible: Goods which are forbidden to be produced or sold according to Islamic rules or the relevant national law.

 Exports are further divided into two groups:

1-  Definite export

2-  Temporary export

Definite export:

Exporting all kinds of goods from the country of origin to other destinations for any purpose is defined as a definite export or definite sale. Generally exports are exempt from taxes and custom duties in Iran.

In Iranian airports there are custom charges and airport charges for air export including offloading, uploading, warehousing, and laboratory testing for item authentication.

Formalities of air export            

For the smooth and unhindered export through the country’s customs the owner of the goods or his/her agent should have the required documents to complete all legal formalities. These documents include:

1- Warehouse receipt after submitting goods to airport cargo section

2- The original Trade Card and a photocopy

3- The required permit for export of goods (if needed)

4- Medical or quarantine certificate (if needed)

5- Standard certificate (if needed)

6- Invoice

7- Packing list

8- The original power of attorney and a photocopy of the same

9-  A letter  of introduction from the owner of the goods ( if needed)

10- Other documents (in case customs requires them)

Temporary Export (or Exit)                             

Goods which are exported to foreign countries for repair or presentation in exhibitions and should be returned to the country, are classified as a Temporary export. By issuing the declaration and obtaining the necessary permit from the Islamic Republic of Iran customs and through posting a bond, it is possible to export permitted goods via customs.

After the goods are evaluated by the customs experts, the owner should post a bond equivalent to the value of the goods and issue a declaration of temporary exit. Then a permit for a temporary exit is issued and the goods should be returned to the country within the time mentioned in the said document.

If it happens the time exceeds that mentioned in the permit, the exporter should request the customs to extend the stated limit.

The issuing customs authority can extend the time for three months.