Air Freight of Pharmaceuticals

Safiran Provides Pharma and Medical Transport, by Air Cargo


Safiran offers wide range of air cargo services for air transport of medical product and pharmaceutical goods from Tehran and all other major cities in Iran to any requested destinations, by using cargo capacity of major airlines operating into and from Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) and any other major airport in Iran.

Iranian Pharmaceutical products in some level of products, are very well demanded by pharma industry providers and suppliers in countries such as Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries.

Due to importance, value and urgency, most pharmaceutical products and medical shipments in the world, are transported by air cargo. In Iran, generally, transport of the pharmaceutical exports and medical supplies also follow this policy. Annually, considerable amount of air freight pharmacy and medical supplies is being export by airplane from Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) or other major airport in Iran.  

In this regard, some medical items are exported temporarily from the country for maintenance and after a repair they would be returned to the country. For instance, helium capsules used in Helium Dewar devices are transported by air cargo to Persian Gulf states during year consecutively and after helium gas re-injection to it, they are get back to the country by air freight.

Safiran air cargo Services, IKA office, located at Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) has been engaged in exporting such items for many years, including medicines and medical supplies, various types of goods and dangerous goods supplies relating to medical and pharmaceutical industries. Safiran is ready to serve its’ clients for services such as: air cargo of various type of goods including pharmaceuticals and medical supplies or maintenance and replacement of parts to other countries.

You can also use our company's experience in air cargo of your medical exportable products from all national airports, to your desired destination, abroad.


Air Cargo Services by Safiran, for Air Transport of Phrma and Medical Goods from Iran

  • Pick up of goods from factory and delivery to airport of departure
  • Communication with producer to obtain certificates and needed written permissions for export
  • Collecting Packing List and Invoice of goods from producer
  • Customs procedures in order to export goods
  • Issuing Air Waybill of major airlines
  • Obtaining written booking from the airline and forwarding the booking to consignee and shipper


Other Air Cargo Services for Pharma Exporters

  • Constant communication with shipper and consignee with report of work in progress
  • Communication with airline for special handling requests such as temperature controlled shipments
  • Repacking of shipments if needed in departure airport
  • Ware housing of goods in departure airport in order to collect different shipments from multiple suppliers or producers


Documents Needed for Air Cargo of Pharma Goods from Iran

  • Packing List of goods, containing Net and Gross weight and dimensions of packages
  • Commercial Invoice of goods mentioning the commercial value of shipment
  • Certificate of Standard for producer of goods
  • Health Certificate of producer of goods
  • Certificate of Origin