Art Pices & Frames

As a result of cultural and artistic interactions of government officials from different countries as well as museums and art galleries, a considerable amount of artifacts and artistic instruments, art drawing, pictures and paintings, etc. are shipped on daily basis from one to another country. Due to sensitivity and extraordinary spiritual and material value of such shipments, a considerable amount of care is required for transport of such goods, therefore air transport has been chosen for saft and fast transport of these items.

Being representative of reputable airlines, operating in Iran, given the long history in freight of various kinds of commercial and non-commercial cargo from different airports of Iran, Safiran, is capable of providing all air freight transportation of your exquisite art works with confidence to the considered destination.   

Since your art works may be located at different cities in Iran or abroad, Safiran proudly announces that is able to carry your products from considered city with most reasonable cost and appropriate flight to your desired destination.

Safiran, also, is able to provide specialized packaging service, of your shipment at your considered place by its experienced personnel at the most reasonable cost.

Usually, the works should be returned to the origin after exhibitions. Depending on how to be requested, Safiran will take all steps to carry your products from the gallery or museum at origin, to the desired destination point as well as its return.