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Iran, with more than 80 million population, is one of the largest Islamic countries in the world and has religious and cultural core for those interested in this territory, culture, religious and language. Many Persian speakers, seeking pure Persian culture and Islamic civilization, are constantly searching for the writings of Persian-speakers scholars and intellectuals of the land of Iran. On the other hand, religious students and researchers from other countries, demand religious books of Iranian scholars to acquire various kinds of religious sciences. Safiran, with consecutive years of experience in the field of air freight, commercial, cultural and passenger freight, is ready to provide air transport of books of Iranian publishers, Persian and Iranian text books, to required destinations around the world. Safiran is able to take all the custom affairs related to air freight transport of your books as well as air freight transport of cultural and religious books with the best price as soon as possible. Considering your request, the company can perform clearance operations in destination and deliver your goods to the ultimate recipient in best possible time frame.