Fresh Fish & Shrimp

Air Freight of Fish, Shrimp and Marine Products Crayfish, Persian Gulf shrimp and the varieties of Persian Gulf fish like “Zubaidi”, “shourideh” and “Hamour” are of sea products which are exported by airplane from different airports in Iran. If you are an exporter of marine products such as shrimp and “Zubaidi” fish, etc. to the Persian Gulf States like the Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait, you can use our services at the airports in the south of Iran, such as Abadan, Ahwaz and Bandar Abbas airport. In the case of extra need, you can take advantage of same services at Shiraz, Isfahan or Tehran Airport. Regardless of which airport you have selected for air shipment, the company through its personnel at above mentioned airports will help you in performing customs formalities related to export as well as air transport of your goods with best flights and the most reasonable air freight rate. In case of cooperating with Safiran, you can save extra costs of land transportation by selecting the nearest airport to provision of export goods. If you are an exporter of “crayfish” to Europe or one of the Persian Gulf States, you can benefit from our services at Tabriz airport which is the nearest airport to fishing site of such products. Safiran would carry out local customs duties and air freight of your products from Tabriz airport as soon as possible and at the most reasonable const.