Human Remains Air Cargo

Safiran, Specialist in Transfer of Human Remain from Iran

In case of death of foreign citizens in Iran (travelers who are in Iran with tourist visa), with need to carry out forensic, customs affairs and air cargo of the deceased's body to any destination outside Iran, Safiran is ready to take full responsibility, performing all subsidiary services and customs formalities.  

We ensure that all human remains are treated with the utmost dignity while in our care, and that they are brought home with the absolute minimum delay or disruption. We’ll also keep in contact with you every step of the way for peace of mind. Rest ensured, this very sensitive cargo is given high priority throughout its journey.

Suffering the loss of a loved one is difficult. We are serious about the care and sensitivity of transporting departed loved ones to their final resting place. We assist with the advance arrangements required to ship human remains by air cargo.

Safiran is a specialist, it handled more than 100 human remains shipments from Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) and other major airports in Iran to worldwide in last decade. Safiran only assigns the experience staff to handle such special cargo.

Our services cover airline space booking, documentation arrangement, dealing with consulate, arrange secure the remains in a hermetically sealed casket, arrange delivery from mortuary to the board of aircraft and all other necessary procedure.

Safiran, Air Cargo Services for Air Freight of Human Remains from Iran

  • Delivery of Human Remains to any Major airport in Iran for the process of Air Cargo
  • Obtaining Police and Hospital and Embassy certificates
  • Translate of all required papers
  • All arrangements with airline for fastest and most reliable air transport
  • Customs Procedures activity in Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) or any other airport in Iran
  • Immigrations Procedures at airport of departure

Other Air Cargo Services Offered by Safiran for Air Freight of Human Remains

  • Dedicated Special Service Handling Desk
  • Professionalism and Respect
  • Confirmed Booking
  • Priority Handling and Boarding
  • Confirmed time of arrival in destination
  • Selection of the most direct route, an important step that eliminates trans-shipment delays and additional handling
  • After hours service

Documents needed for Air transfer of Human Remains from Iran

  • Police Report
  • Hospital Report
  • Health Certificate reports
  • Confirmation letter from Embassy of destination
  • Air waybill
  • Passport (Original)