Packing and Air Freight of Dangerous Goods

Packing and Air Freight of Dangerous goods Shipments, by Safiran:

Packing and shipping dangerous is an area of grave concern throughout the transportation industry. Safe storage, maintaining the integrity of consignments and quality control is a matter that has led to formulation of internationally recognized regulations and standards. However, these International regulations are continuously changing, making it gradually tough for shippers to be sure they are obedient with all the legal delivery necessities. Safiran selection of air cargo services cover procedures for all classes of dangerous goods, including explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances. The packing of shipments are made according to regulations by our technical experts in our warehouse or in client’s warehouses, if desired.

Goods we take for granted in everyday use are often classed as hazardous when transported by air, sea or road freight. These include:

Examples of household dangerous goods

  • Nail polish, aftershave and perfumes (Class 3 flammable liquid)
  • Body Sprays and deodorants (Class 2 flammable gas)
  • Hair dye (Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide)
  • Bleach (Class 8 Corrosive)
  • Lithium Batteries, laptops, e-cigarettes (Class 9 Miscellaneous)

Examples of industrial dangerous goods

  • Epoxy resins (Class 9 Miscellaneous)
  • Epoxy Hardeners (Class 8 Corrosive)
  • Paint (Class 3 Flammable liquid)
  • Adhesives (Class 3 Flammable liquid)
  • Aerosols (Class 2.1 Flammable gas)


Services Offered by Safiran for Dangerous Goods Packing:

  • UN Tested Packaging (4GV Boxes)
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Issuing the DGD
  • Storage
  • Air Freight of Dangerous goods from Cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA)

Other Services offered by Safiran, Mobile Dangerous Goods Packing Units:

Our on-site packing experts will come directly to your door with all the necessary packing materials and coordinate with you to ensure that every aspect of your shipment is safe and secure for transport. Take advantage of the great On-Site Packing service we provide here at Safiran.  Safiran will make shipping your cargo easy, regardless how fragile or cumbersome the shipment happens to be, our on-site packing specialists have the skills to pack freight that our competitors find challenging. Our packing professionals are fully prepared and have the capability to mobilize to any location within Tehran city limits to ensure that every aspect of your shipment is professionally packed for air freight in a timely manner.

Mobile Packing Unit Services, for packing of Dangerous Goods by Safiran:

  • Mobilize to job location
  • Assess the scope of work at your place
  • Take all necessary construction measurements
  • Prefabricate and deliver all materials necessary to complete project
  • Fulfill all health and safety requirements
  • Comply with all transportation regulations