Air Freight of Household Goods

Safiran, International Moving & Relocation Services in  Tehran, Iran. :

We, Safiran Air Cargo Services based in cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), Tehran, Iran, are providing reliable International Household Goods Moving Services, Air Freight services, with the help of our expert professional staff. The Proper and Safe Packaging of goods is very much importance to us and to the nature of our work. To maintain the safety of the goods in duration of Air Freight or air transport, our personnel use high quality packaging materials like wrapping papers, cartons, wooden boxes and etc., All the packing processes are done under the guidance of packaging experts. We provide transportations of household goods by air (Air Freight) from our base in cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) to any requested destination across the globe by air.

Packing & Air Freight from Cargo Terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA):

Customer may wish to move essential household goods by Air Freight. Moving by Air Freight is fast and enables those important to access quickly by customer. We individually pack your household goods and placing them in either a protective Air Freight carton packed on light weight and strong pallets or special plywood case. Your household goods then would get transferred to cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) for customs procedures and Air freight to final destination.


Household goods Air Freight services are divided into Four Steps:



The major distress of the Safiran is to pack clients goods in such a way so they can reach final destination, safely. Safiran has all the necessary items and latest packaging materials and machines that can confirm the safety of customer's freight. With their skills they can handle client's shipment safely whether it is glass, piano or sensitive electronic equipment.

City to Airport Transport

Understanding all the details pertaining to the packing of the household goods, we offer safe and prompt relocating from customer’s house in Tehran city area to cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA).  Once the task is handled to us, we relieve customers from all worries in Tehran city traffic and population by safe transfer of shipment from customer’s house to cargo terminal of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), for customs clearance procedures and issuance of Air waybill.

Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) Customs Procedures for Export

We provide professional customs procedures in cargo section of Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) for exit or export of client’s house hold goods in fastest available time. After this step, all documents are ready for Air Freight goods to final destination, by issuing Air Waybill.

Issuing Air Waybill for Air freight of goods

Air Waybill of one of major airlines operating to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), with best available Air Freight rate would be issued in our airport office, for air transport of your goods to your requested destination. Shipment then would hand over to air line for the start of Air Freight process to final destination. At this time our airport staff would obtain written booking from airline and submit it to shipper, for arrangement of pickup, at final destination.