Air Freight , Import to Iran

With its expanded logistics network covering America, Asia and Europe, SACS can meet its customers’ needs in a timely and efficient manner.

To date we have been able to satisfy all our customers’ needs in international transportation and shipment of import goods. Our services include:

1)  Air Freight of Goods to Iran

When you ask a reliable transportation agency to send your goods to a destination you should be confident that it will arrive safely and on time. Consignee should also be able to track the shipment at all times. SACS can ship your import goods with the best quality services, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest rates available.

Procedure for Air Freight of Goods to Iran:

1-  Submitting contact details and shipment information to the air cargo agency.

2-  Receiving all the documents, Packing, Invoice and any other required documents relating to export of goods, from the shipper in the country of origin.

3-  Booking space for the shipment via the intended airline and making necessary arrangements.

4-  Moving the goods from origin (in case the shipment is ex-work) to the shipping agent.

5-  Sending the goods from the point of origin to the destination

6-  Delivering all documents including the airway bill, clearance form and warehouse receipt to the consignee at the destination.

7-  Clearing the goods according to the customer’s request from local customs at destination.

8-  Making payment by the owner of the goods at the destination.

Required information for rate inquiry from the airline agent

1-  Name and commodity of the shipment: HS code for customs affairs in the origin, UN No form, CLASS, MSDS.

2-  Gross and net weight.

3-  Number of pieces and exact dimensions of the packages.

4-  Intended delivery type: FOB, DDP, DDA, EX-WORK

5-  Contact details (address and contact number of the shipper) if the shipment is ex-work).

6-  Contact details (address and contact number of the consignee).

2)   Sea Freight to Iran

SACS can forward your import and export goods by sea in the form of LCL shipping and full reefer containers (FCL) from all Asian ports (China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Emirates, Turkey, Oman etc.) plus European and African ports as well, in the shortest time

3)  International Road Transit

  • SACS has strong forwarding capabilities and offers regular and efficient import and export road transit services.
  •  These facilities encompass:
  • Two-way road transportation services exiting and returning to Iran
  • Shipping exhibition goods and carpets to all destinations worldwide.
  • Transiting goods to European countries and Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria
  • A full range of transiting goods (LCL and FCL)
  • Processing of all customs procedures and delivering your merchandise to the specified point of delivery (ex-work)

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